NYC Mormon Church Protest

Thousands march against Prop 8 in NYC

NYC: Thousands Rally For Equality

NYC Mormon Church Protest

Meanwhile, back at the El Coyote ...


Reuven said...

Watch out for pro Proposition 8 terrorists! Those Mormons are adopting KKK tactics!

(Well, maybe not, but since they like to call everything kristallnacht and Nazi, I thought I'd try to strike back.)

Rick DeLano said...

You guys had a very impressive run.

I never thought the Bolshevik approach would yield much, mind you, but you got a lot further than I had originally expected.

The 10,000 in LA Saturday pretty much signifies the deflating of the media balloon, at least for now, and that is probably a good thing.

The inevitable backlash would only be strengthened by further images of outrages such as that atrocity against the little old lady in Palm Springs.

I hear you are gathering signatures for Round III.


It wouldn't do to lead folks on about the fantasy of another Supreme Court stick save. Not this time.

See ya next time.

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