Critically-acclaimed author Walter Kirn named X-Mormon of the Year 2009

Head over to Main Street Plaza and congratulate Kirn on a well-deserved victory!

The author of Thumbsucker, Up in the Air, and Lost in the Meritocracy — has been voted 2009 William Law X-Mormon of the Year!

In Kirn's own words:
dang right i want this distinction. what’s wrong with that? having suffered through the anti-masturbation campaign
revved up by the church in the late seventies, i also believe that i’m fully qualified to represent… screwed up people everywhere.

Outside reading:

The Canadian Press: Nearly decade after publication, novelist Walter Kirn's 'Up in the Air' takes off as hit movie

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Literary Kicks: Up In The Air With Walter Kirn

“Up in the Air” rocks, but winning “X-Mormon of the Year” rules ...

Walter Kirn explains why the William Law X-Mormon of the Year
award means more to him than anything Hollywood has to offer:

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