Yes on 8 Campaign Manager Supports Marriage Equality for Smokers

Frank Schubert then (Oct. 20):
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his stand on all the ballot propositions yesterday. I got a call from someone asking for my reaction. Here it is: “Who cares?”
Frank Schubert now (Nov. 14):
Where is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger while churches are being attacked?
Yesterday's Prop 8 tough guy may have become today's woeful whiner, but one thing that's always remained constant with Frank is the depth of his constitutional acumen.

When Frank’s not busy with his Prop 8 duties, he’s been known to enjoy a relaxing smoke. He’d also be the first to admit that being a smoker in health-conscious California is no easy thing. In Frank’s own words:
I am not asking for sympathy, but I am asking people to seriously think about how acceptable it has become to attack smokers, and think about the broader implications this has on basic American principles. Like, say, this crazy idea of liberty and freedom that is at the core of our civilization.

If there is one thing the Constitution of the United States stands for, it’s the principle of equal protection for all. It’s not just the favored who enjoy constitutional rights. Or the privileged. Or the rich. Or the popular. It’s ALL. Yes, even smokers.
You tell ‘em, Frank. It’s always a pleasure to read a Yes on 8 campaign manager defending the principle that smokers deserve equal protection no matter how unpopular they might be. Now I’m off to advise ALL my gay friends to take up your bad habit and thereby qualify themselves in your eyes for the equal protection that you’ve heretofore worked so hard to deny them.

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Reuven said...

Now I know exactly why Frank Schubert is the official "Yes On 8" lobbiest: They PAY him!

It's clearly not based on some principled stand.

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