NOM and Cornerstone Policy Research Present: "I'm Confused"

I'm confused, too.

Don't YouTube Community Guidelines prohibit speech which demeans a group based on sexual orientation?

What about this NOM/CPR Action ad is NOT demeaning?

YouTube user nhcornerstone originally posted this ad, and it remains available on nhcornerstone's user page.

National Organization for Marriage and Cornerstone Policy Research are responsible for funding and producing this demeaning ad, but YouTube is now responsible for providing a platform for their hate.

I've already complained to YouTube.

If they take down CPR's version of the ad, I'll take down mine.

In the meantime, unlike CPR's version, mine allows comments and ratings.

Feel free to complain about this ad over at CPR's Facebook page.

And kudos to Jeremy for his ongoing reporting on CPR's shenanigans.

Compare and contrast:

UPDATE: Oh, nevermind, I just found the original NOM version ...

2,637 ratings - 47,846 views - 1 lonely star

D'oh. It's already gotten the rough treatment it deserves.

And me and this diary are a waste of space today.

Or, maybe not. The crew over at Pam's House Blend are weighing in with worthy commentary.


C. L. Hanson said...

Speaking as a parent, I find this commercial completely insane. Since when is it the government's business to protect your kids from even hearing about people or ideas that you didn't want to teach them about?

By the same logic, you could argue that Hindus need to be segregated from monotheists: "Mommy I heard that some people don't believe that Adam and Eve were real -- and they believe in lots of gods that look funny to me. I'm confused!"

Chino Blanco said...

I know of at least one leading hardcore opponent of marriage equality who is also a home schooling advocate.

For home schoolers of a certain political bent, my guess is that anything that goes to show just how scary public schools have become is something that reinforces their sense of having made the right decision to home school, and so they eat it up.

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