Mormon pollster Gary Lawrence: I'm the idiot who wrote "Six Consequences"

Joanna Brooks has a worthy piece on Mormon Prop 8 involvement currently up on the front page of Religion Dispatches. Please go take a look.

This next bit is just me filling in a (minor) gap in the reporting: "A primary source of Mormon messaging during the Proposition 8 campaign was the anonymously-authored 'Six Consequences if Prop 8 Fails' document, which went viral across Mormon social networks after its introduction by email in mid-August and was utilized as a training document and handout in the Mormon-coordinated ground campaign".

Anonymous? Ahem. Here's an 8-second clip of LDS/GOP pollster Gary Lawrence claiming authorship of the infamous half-baked half-dozen:

Transcript: "In fact, the idiot who wrote the Meridian magazine article is me. And the idiot who wrote the 'Six Consequences' is me."

Of course, this gem remains my all-time favorite Gary Lawrence clip:, We Want Negative Buzz!

You want it, you got it, Gary. Mission accomplished!

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