The Making of a National Organization for Marriage (NOM) TV Ad

First, the auditions:

Enhance with some digital FUD:

OK, so NOM was successful in yanking all those YouTubes. Whatever. Watch this:

And voilĂ :

Add some bonus director's commentary [ be sure to catch NOM's Brian Brown
stammering ... "uh, marriage is the union of at least one man and one woman"
... which I take it is Brian's admission that NOM really is a Mormon front org ;-) ]:

And now you're all set to judge for yourself whether any of the sequels manage to surpass the original:

O/T: The answers are yes and yes. Click over to Vermont News Guy for the questions.

And this is for all the self-righteous shopkeepers over at the Bloggernacle who've been promoting their inventories of torches and pitchforks the past couple days:

So, my question for Adam, Guy, et al.: did Kaimi float?


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