About that CPR-A Cornerstone Policy Research New Hampshire "Poll"

I first read about it here.

Anti-marriage equality "Beetle Blogger" Angela Rockwood was joyfully touting the "good news" :


Support that Angela claims was based on this question:
"Do you agree that marriage between one man and one woman should be the only legal definition of marriage in NH?"
And then I wandered over to "Good as You" and noticed that they'd taken up the issue of this "bad news" CPR-A poll here.

But now I've just returned from reading a local NH columnist's report here, and if he's got his story right, the question asked in that CPR-A poll was this:
"Do you agree that marriage between only one man and one woman should be legal in New Hampshire?"
Which is obviously not the same question (and one that if understood correctly would likely be answered in the affirmative by ALL respondents).

So now here's my question: will CPR Action settle this by providing the actual script used in their poll?

Because so far I've found one New Hampshire blogger who describes his "nasty push poll" experience here, and it looks to me as if his recollection of the question matches that reported by our intrepid Telegraph columnist.

And just found another here:
the "poll" was a robocall from a DC number which launched into a confusingly worded push poll. What is possible is that a lot of people in NH answered "yes" to a question that went something like this: Should marriage between a man and a woman be legal in NH?

Dare them to release the audio of their "poll" questions.
That sounds about right (and much better than my request to see the script), so ...

Hey, CPR, release the audio.

I double dog dare you.

Or, better yet, what the heck ...

Comments welcome, but for the purposes of this post, please consider leaving yours at CPR's facebook page.

And if you're feeling extra pesky, why not join the fun over at bb's place?

Otherwise, kick back and enjoy the mellow sounds of G-A-Y:

And we're the ones who're a threat to kids ... unbelievable (NOM got smart and disabled ratings and comments for this one, but I can still flag it for abuse of YouTube community standards, and I have):

Letter to the Editor: New Hampshire Calling - Please Stop!


Keith Moore said...

I know that it's highly advantageous to believe that people were decieved by a clever and unprincipled pollster because truth can be painful. Whether or not the question was worded vaguely, the only way to know whether or not the questioner asked what they were intending to ask is to somehow divine their intentions. The question was commonly understood to be asking whether heterosexaul marriage should be the only type of legal marriage in NH and it would seem that a significant majority believes that it should. Majorities in a representative democracy are pesky things, arent' they?

Chino Blanco said...

Yeah, that's it Keith, I just can't handle the truth. Whatever.

Check out this link:

http://www.goodasyou.org/good_as_you/2009/05/exclusive-fof-admits-nh-poll-is-bunk.htmlThe way this poll was conducted was bogus. The way the results of this poll were reported was bogus.

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