Buttarspalooza -- The Wrap

In the opinion of Mormon-owned Utah-based TV station KSL:

"The brouhaha over recent intemperate remarks by Senator Chris Buttars

is more than a distraction, as some of his colleagues contend.

It is nothing less than an embarrassment for the man,

the institution he represents and the state where he lives.

Local News Coverage (and a musical performance [h/t Hilary]):

Other coverage:

StandardNet (includes nicely shot embedded video)

The Salt Lake Tribune

Deseret News

Why Buttars-Palooza?

1) Chris Buttars is a senile old bigot who is an utter embarrassment to Utah

2) The People are for the resignation of Utah Senate member Chris Buttars

3) It's 2009 and Chris still wants to debate Brown v. Board of Education? Whatever. Check this out:

Serious kudos to the organizers and sincere thanks to Chris Buttars for making it all possible.


Steven B said...

Chino, There is a good podcast on KUER (Radio West, Feb 23) discussing Senator Buttars:


Chino Blanco said...

Thanks, Steven!

reflux the chemist said...

Chino, I don't know if you like hip hop at all, but my friend and I have created a protest/slander song against the boys ranch and Chris Buttars. If you'd like to check it out, the link is here:


The song title is "Melting Buttars".

Thanks for spreading the word about this vile man.

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