Maine Business Coalition Speaks Out For Marriage Equality

From Maine's WCSH6:
A group of Maine businesspeople announced their support on Friday for same sex marriage.

The newly formed coalition, Maine Businesspeople For Marriage Equality, says that along with being the right thing to do, upholding the same sex marriage law will provide Maine with a powerful economic development tool.

Former Labor Commissioner Valerie Landry says Maine needs to do more to keep it's young people here and to attract other young workers to the state. She says the same sex marriage law will help do just that.

"When high wage companies consider where to locate they look for a place that has a workforce that is plentiful, well educated and diverse. Protecting same sex marriage will send a powerful signal that we welcome a diverse workforce. Repealing the law will say the opposite and create yet another economic barrier for Maine," says Landry.

In other Question One news, Maine's WVII reports:

The number of yard signs being stolen this time around is actually less than in years past.

As long as you're here, please pop over and read this Daily Kos diary: NOM kicks in $1.1M to foes of gay marriage in Maine

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