Vote Now for Mormon of the Year!

The votes are nearly all in and the outcome looks certain: Reed Cowan has been voted 2009's "Mormon of the Year" for his work directing 8: The Mormon Proposition.

Current results as of this posting are:

Reed Cowan: 51%
Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.: 17%
Harry Reid: 13%
Glenn Beck: 7%
Stephenie Meyer: 2%
Followed by a bevy of lesser-known LDS such as Donny Osmond, Orrin Hatch, Michael Otterson, Mike Leach, Elizabeth Smart, Jason Chaffetz, Elna Baker, Brandon Flowers and Heather Armstrong.

Be sure to check out the poll and commentary at the official Mormon of the Year website.

And if you're reading this before January 7th, please don't hesitate to click through and add your vote for Reed!

That the chance has finally come along to vote on the Mormons for a change is a welcome change. Big, big tip o' the hat to Mormon blog Times and Seasons.

UPDATE: And, don't forget to check out the Boggs-Doniphan Award 2009 over at By Common Consent.

Random notes for later:

Bio: Sharon Slater (Sharon's big in Uganda)
BBC: The battle over Uganda's Aids campaign
Uganda: HIV/AIDS stats 2008

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