Check out NOM's Stand4Marriage Rally facebook page

Scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th from 10am to noon in Freedom Plaza across from the Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave., NW), Washington, D.C.

As of this posting, here are the RSVPs collected at the facebook event page linked to above:

Maybe Attending: 5
Not Attending: 213
Awaiting Reply: 153

Not a single Yes in the bunch.


But it's not just the cold numbers.

It's the warm vibe of a page that's humming: All your base are belong to us.

But today's Dobsonite, Nima, is not deterred:


Sorry, but the Nima's done run aground. Will the Pimta and the Samta Naria be arriving soon to stage a rescue?

Unlikely or my name's not Cristóbal Colón.

With apologies to Nima. I'm sure that's your real name. And it rocks.

I was just riffin' off this post: Your NPR Name.

Post-Mortem: NOM and Friends managed to round up 150 warm bodies for their little (hehe) rally at Freedom Plaza.



Unknown said...

Haha. That's hilarious.

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