The Mormon Church is Fighting Civil Unions in Hawaii (HB444)

Breaking ... Hawaii Civil Unions bill dies in Senate:

With all the controversy surrounding the LDS Church's involvement in the Proposition 8 election in California last fall, a more subtle dust-up was brewing at the Hawaii State Legislature last month, pretty much over the same thing.

Hawaii resident Leonor Briscoe was fired up enough over an e-mail exchange with a neighbor that she forwarded copies to her friends, including some Utah residents she believed would be interested in the issue.

The exchange began with an e-mail she got from Frank Lueder, also of Hawaii [Makakilo Hawaii Stake Clerk], that informed her of HB444, a bill before the Hawaii Legislature that "is attempting to once again legalize same-sex marriage but under a new term, 'civil union.' If you wish relay your OPPOSITION to it, you could do so by [calling or e-mailing] your representative. You could access the list of ... House of Representatives from the e-mail address I just gave."

Briscoe, who is LDS, responded: "In the hierarchical, authoritarian structure of the Mormon church, there's no way you would be sending out e-mails about HB444 without the implied or expressed sanction of the leaders of the Mormon Church.

"You do not know me and I do not know you, so the only way you could have gotten my e-mail address is through your stake clerk's access to church stake records, which are not supposed to be used for political or commercial purposes."
More Mormons like Sister Briscoe, please.

<-- Hi, Frank. Why, Frank?

Keori has the latest HB444 news here.

And if you've not yet read the story of Hawaii Mormon Debi Hartmann, please do.

Here's Debi (at the 4:25 mark):


Anonymous said...

Hawaii rocks!

Chino Blanco said...

No, you rock, Anonymous. There's nothing quite as impressive as mobilizing to defeat a bill to provide (nearly) equal benefits to all families under Hawaii law. Way to go!

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