Maine's Yes on 1 crew are a bunch of jerks

We already know everything there is to know about same-sex marriage.

Arguments against same-sex marriage:

(1) Marriage is an institution defined historically as the union between one man and one woman.
(2) Children are optimally cared for in homes with a mother and a father.
(3) The purpose of marriage is procreation and societal stability.
(4) Same-sex marriage is an untested and dangerous social experiment.
(5) Same-sex marriage is part of a slippery slope to universal depravity.
(6) Gay relationships themselves are immoral.

Arguments against the arguments against same-sex marriage:

(1) You don't have a bit of evidence for any of that, and
(2) Please, quit being a jerk.

And if you're a Yes on 1 voter who finds yourself mystified regarding what I mean when I call you a jerk, please go read this post.

And whether you deign to follow that link or not, I trust you will listen to Philip's full remarks and weigh in below with a rebuttal explaining why you're not a jerk.

Because, as far as I can tell, if you're in favor of a Yes vote on Maine's Question 1, all that's left to ask is: On what planet are you not a jerk?

Feel free to prove me wrong in comments.

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