Monrovia City Council Election Results: Shaw in, but is Kirby out?

As mentioned in a previous post here, Dan Kirby has lost his Monrovia City Council seat.

A couple links that explain my beef with Dan: here and here.

During Dan's first term on city council, he managed to pull down $88K/yr working for Ron Prentice's California Family Council (and according to the Form 990s that the CFC filed, Dan was putting in 40 hrs/wk for them during the years he served on the Monrovia City Council).

All the while maintaining his employment with Rio Hondo Prep.

Not to mention Dan's apparent good fortune at having the Yes on 8 campaign choose his "Patriot Design" as a vendor.

Dan apparently likes to keep busy. Good for him.

He's no doubt been reaping countless blessings for all that work he did for Yes on 8 from his perch at the California Family Council, but it looks like keeping his City Council seat won't be one of them. Shucks.

Unless he's re-appointed ... which I really hope doesn't happen. Dan was fortunate to be appointed a seat once already after his previous loss in 2003, even though his opponent, Pam Fitzpatrick, won more votes than Dan in that election. If he were to be appointed again this time around, folks might start to wonder: why's it so darn important that Daniel J. Kirby keep his seat on the Monrovia City Council, when it's obviously not important to Monrovia's voters, who've rejected him twice now?

Apparently, I'm not the only one asking the new council to do the right thing.

And if I were asked to speculate as to the reason why Dan's presence on the council is so highly-valued, well, it might have something to do with this: Dan Kirby's campaign was paid for by property developers (howdy, Samuelson & Fetter).

More about Dan here and here.

Update: After reading this message from Dan, it doesn't sound as if he expects to be seated on the new council. We'll see.


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