Meet the Republican who got California and Maine to investigate NOM and the Mormon church and now intends to debate Mitt Romney on national TV

I'd love to see Fred debate Mike, Mitt, Sarah and the rest of the (more-or-less anti-gay) 2012 Republican field.

Campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire is the surest route to securing a spot on the stage.


Fred got CA and ME to investigate NOM and the Mormon church and is now charting a course to debate Mitt. Follow his tweets @fredkarger

Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee

Fred Who? - First-in-the-Nation Commercial to Run in New Hampshire

GOP 12: Karger releases first TV ad of 2012 cycle

Fred Karger: Good Morning, New Hampshire

Fred Karger's First TV Ad

Openly Gay Presidential Hopeful Fred Karger Releases First Ad

Karger forms exploratory committee, uses Scheffler comments to raise cash

In Wake of Ballot Initiatives, Questions About the National Organization for Marriage’s Funding

Catching up with Fred Karger in Iowa and Netroots Nation

Watch the first ad from the GOP’s first declared 2012 presidential candidate: Fred Karger

Go Fred!

And here's Mike Manning talking about Fred's candidacy:

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