Mormongate II

Air America interview with Fred Karger:

And a new Salt Lake Tribune story: New charges made over LDS Church role in Prop 8

Fresh "Mormongate" Daily Kos diary.

Updates to Fred Karger's FPPC complaint.

New batch of 1995-98 internal LDS documents discussing the church's campaign against marriage equality in Hawaii, including mentions of early discussions re California.

By the way, watch this vid and pay attention to

Debi Hartmann (at the 4:25 mark):

That's Debi. Mormon wife and mother. Former chair of the State Board of Education. In Hawaii.

This Debi.

Debi, it's nice to see a Mormon mom working with your Local 5 union and the Democratic LGBT caucus.

And thank you to the folks in comments who pointed out this excellent Bay Area Reporter online extra: "Marriage opponent regrets past, now supports equality" ...
With the Hawaii Legislature now considering civil unions for same-sex couples, a former leader of the Mormon opposition to same-sex marriage in that state reiterated that she no longer believes what she spent years fighting to defend. Marriage rights, she now says, should be for everyone, though she stops short of actually supporting same-sex marriage.

Throughout a nearly two-hour telephone interview last weekend that was at times emotional, repentant, and remorseful, Debi Hartmann, a former co-chair of an anti-same-sex marriage organization in Hawaii, acknowledged she has come to understand that she was wrong. Marriage rights, she now concludes, should be granted to same-sex couples.
And check out this 2007 Washington Blade article: Change of heart in Hawaii. 2007? OK, so I'm apparently two years late to this story. Oh well.

At least Debi's video is burnin' up the toobz. Check this out:

Ha! We're Big in Taiwan. Take that, MormonTV!


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chino Blanco said...

Goodi, why on earth did you remove your comment? You posed a legitimate question.

Anonymous said...

The Debi Hartmann article in the BAR cited by Karger today was only online and was largely ignored when it was written. It shouldn't have been.

Chino Blanco said...

Thanks for that link. What a great read. I'm off to ask Dan if I can republish his article.

Anonymous said...

You have only one of the two-part series Karger cited from the BAR. The first, "Mormon Factor in Marriage Fight" was followed by "Prop 8 foes slow to pick up on Mormon involvement." Both mention Hartmann and include this awesome link to the Hawaii timeline you might be interested in....

Read the timeline and Karger's new documents... incredibly indicting stuff.

Chino Blanco said...

Thanks, Deb.

I'm up-to-speed on Crapo's chronology.

You might want to check out my dKos diary:

Between BAR's coverage, Fred's work, and our Prop 8 timeline, yeah, it's all incredibly indicting.

I just wonder how many are paying attention?

I sure hope the folks in Maine are, considering how NOM has radio ads playing there now.

Anonymous said...

There should be no doubt that the Knights of Columbus, the Mormon Church and the evangelical Dobsonite benefactor, Howard Ahmanson, will continue to finance every battle in every state, they haven't missed one yet. LGBT activists who go into these battles with good intentions but lacking financial resources will, as in every case so far, get their asses kicked. And I'm sorry, but they'll deserve it if they go in oblivious to the organized religious coalition present in every battle. What we need is a national group focused on statewide battles. Not HRC. They're ill-equipped and arrogantly unaware of local machinations. More like Marriage Equality USA with Molly McKay at the helm with a mobilized task force and resources available to drop into states that can hit the ground running. Imagine Lambda's Jason Howe being dropped into the New Mexico fight. With his language skills and with enough money to counter advertising like NOM's in Hawaii, we'd at least have a fighting chance. Until we get there, we shouldn't be surprised when we get our noses bloodied in every fight.

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