Gentile of the Year 2009 Award: Freep this Poll for Fred Karger!

Gentile of the Year 2009 Award: The largest Mormon group blog on the planet has nominated Fred Karger (Californians Against Hate, Mormongate) to a spot in their annual poll to determine the non-Mormon with the biggest impact on Mormonism during the year that was.

Nominees include Helen Radkey (uncovered ongoing baptism by proxy of deceased Jews), Tom Hanks (called the Mormons out after the Prop 8 debacle), Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer (the boys behind "Big Love"), Keith Olbermann (included LDS Elder Dallin Oaks and Mormon menace Glenn Beck in the same “3 Worst People in the World” segment), and the list goes on ...

But clearly, Fred is the obvious first choice ...

Go Fred!

Mormongate: LDS Church responds to FPPC investigation
with last-minute reporting of Prop 8 donations

So, please go now and vote for Fred.

As of 8 AM EST on this Thursday, the 7th, here are the current poll results ...

Which "gentile" had the biggest impact on Mormonism in 2009?

Fred Karger 28%
Stephen Colbert 24%
Andrew Sullivan 10%
Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer 8%
Max Weinberg & Conan O'Brien show cast 8%
And a bunch more folks in the single digits.

Go Fred!

BONUS POLL: if you've still got a few moments to spare, here's another poll for freeping:

Mormon of the Year.

At this point, the votes are nearly all in and the outcome looks certain: Reed Cowan has been voted 2009's "Mormon of the Year" for his work directing 8: The Mormon Proposition.

Current results as of this posting are:

Reed Cowan: 51%
Harry Reid: 14%
Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.: 13%
Glenn Beck: 7%
Followed by a bevy of lesser-known LDS (Donny Osmond, Orrin Hatch,

Be sure to check out the poll and commentary at the official Mormon of the Year website.

And if you're reading this before January 7th, please don't hesitate to click through and add your vote for Reed!

The chance to vote on the Mormons has finally arrived! Big, big tip o' the hat to Mormon blog T&S.

If you need a refresher course on why Reed deserves to win, here it is, the trailer to his upcoming documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition:

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