“Hi, my name is Mike and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Growing up in the church I believed most everything I was taught, from time to time something wouldn’t make sense and I would think about it for a moment then discard my concern to keep my mind pure. I remember wondering at a young age why we didn’t kill adulterers or blasphemers; the same person that god would have stoned ages back can now with a little time get a temple recommend and pursue an eternal partnership. I didn’t understand so I pushed it aside because I had a feeling that it was all true and I wasn’t going to let a little concern sideswipe my deep feelings. I served an honorable full time mission and sometimes people would talk to us missionaries about this fact or that fact that contradicted church teachings and I briskly ignored evidences levied at the church. I remember one fellow told me that the Smithsonian museum had evidence or information that proved The Book of Mormon false one way or another. I assured this misguided fellow that Heavenly father will reveal the evidence of The Book of Mormon’s truth at the second coming and that all the contrary evidence in the world will not overturn gods work.
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