Ron Prentice Speaks, July 2009 Edition

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Ron Prentice: When Pedophiles Attack

"So, for example, if a pedophile were to attack - I say 'attack' - approach a child in a church or in an employment situation or public school situation and you or I were to pull that pedophile off the child and say something to that pedophile about his poor behavior, that pedophile could actually file suit against you for having committed a hate crime against them for what you verbalized."
Ron Prentice: Thank you, Mormons

"Next week, I'm told, Time magazine is putting out an article that talks about how Proposition 8 was successful. They give a lot of credit to the Latter-day Saints, as they should. Because Latter-day Saints were out there on the street. LDS's have a model of community action and when we worked with LDS and said this is what we want to do, you know, before we knew it, they were knocking on doors with their own information about marriage. It was wonderful. And the Roman Catholics and the Evangelical Protestants had to catch up. And, fortunately, eventually, we feel like we sort of did. But I remember being here, and addressing a group of 200 or more pastors about Prop 8 early on, and the Time magazine article is gonna say that the Evangelicals were nowhere to be found. And I had a call from one of the members of our executive committee for Protect Marriage who is Mormon and he said, 'I just want to apologize, because I didn't write this article, but it gives all kind of credit to LDS' and I said, 'Mark, don't worry, the LDS deserve a lot of credit ...'"
This Ron Prentice: Crusading for ‘Judeo-Christian values’ doesn’t come cheap

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