"No Offense" but the latest NOM ad barely rates a mention


As I mentioned previously, I'm no fan of beauty pageants and take a dim view of anyone associated with their production (as a contestant, judge or in any other role). So, when it comes to issues as important as marriage and civil equality for all families, the last people I want to hear from are the likes of Ms. Prejean or Mr. Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira), no matter what side they might claim to represent. Whether it's his condemnation of discrimination or her defense of religious principle, both are tainted by association with the degrading spectacle that is The Miss USA Pageant.

And now NOM are spending money to draw further attention to the debased "debate" between these two purveyors of trash culture?

What a waste.


Grant Haws said...

Big yawn. And I am getting annoyed that this Miss USA thing is still a big deal. All that it consists of now is Perez mocking her and NOM using her as a poster child. The day it happened it was an interesting little skirmish, but now it is beating a dead horse.

Anonymous said...

She's Sarah Palin, lite.

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