The End

ABC Nightline, June 2006 ... The Life of Gay Mormons:

For more first-person accounts of life as a gay Mormon, check out
Bridging the Watershed: Prop 8 and the Gay/Mormon Divide
over at Stop The Mormons.

ABC Nightline, Jan. 2009 ... Mormon leader M. Russell Ballard:

"When something needs to be done, we know how to do it."

Complete January 9, 2009 Nightline broadcast with
Mormon Leaders Russell Ballard and Quentin Cook below.

Ballard claims the power to command the weather? Wow.
I guess he's not kidding when he says: "When something
needs to be done, we know how to do it."

Apparently, Ballard & Co. also have the power to get our comments deleted from ABC's website.

Here's the link to the Nightline story: Mormons Open Doors to Discuss Religion

A half-dozen of my comments have been deleted so far.

Mine aren't the only comments getting scrubbed,
as reported by others in the discussions linked to below:

Anyone Catch the Mormons on Nightline?

ABC News runs Mormon puff piece

"A Look Inside the Mormon Church"

How silly and sad are you trying to be, ABC?

If you're reading this, please click and Digg this story: ABC Nightline runs Mormon puff piece, deletes comments

By the way, Chino will be back in 2010 (right after the next Chinese New Year).

It's been fun, but this will be my last post here for a while. Cheers!



Thursday Jones said...

Now I have one fewer site to check everyday. It was appreciated.


Sue Cannon, RN said...

I wrote a comment to the story editors asking for the reasons they are censoring your comments. I'll be surprised if I hear, but if I do I'll pass it on.

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