Utah and Idaho to the rescue.

Idaho Mormons Enlisted to Eliminate Marriage Equality in California

We're so upset about those four California judges issuing a ruling on California law that
we're gonna enlist Mormons from outside
California in our effort to reassert the will of California voters.
Or something like that.

Young Mormons "Go Viral" for the Yes on 8 Campaign

How much would you like to bet that I've got more years of actual marriage experience than all these kids combined?
On the other hand, I'm sure they've all got much more actual campaign experience than I do.
For example, Jill "My name is Jill" Newell is Operations Co-Chair for Santa Monica for the Yes on 8 campaign,
as part of her PR/PA internship at the LA Public Affairs office of the LDS church.

Hi, Jill. My name is Chino and I think it must be nice to get paid
and/or earn invaluable career experience in exchange for getting on camera and
expressing your personal view of Prop 8 based on your deeply held Mormon beliefs.
Considering the Yes on 8 campaign's insistence on identifying Richard Peterson as a Pepperdine law professor in its ads,
I wonder why the campaign chose not to identify you as a Yes on 8 operative in this one?
Do you understand how not identifying yourself clearly to viewers might be construed by some as willful deception?
Then again, what's denying marriage to a few thousand California
parents compared to your career opportunities?

Mormon Apostle David Bednar Tries to Explain Why He Opposes Marriage Equality

Bednar: If we fail to remain steadfast in our intolerance we risk a "tyranny of tolerance"
that perhaps maybe might possibly someday threaten us with the same kind of discrimination
we're so eager to enforce right now against our own scary-yet-beloved gay brothers and sisters.
I mean, who knows? Better safe than sorry, right?
That stuff in our Constitution about how freedom of religion is safe in this country?
Ignore it. Let my your wildest fears be your guide.

Huh? Apparently it doesn't matter that the taped remarks are incoherent and inscrutable
as long as you've got an "Internet guy" promising your campaign a million page views.

Our Mormon Youth:
Huh? Sounds like an authority figure saying it's not discrimination. Dynamite!

I'm rubber, you're glue

Permission (h/t Justin McLachlan)


Steven B said...

As long as "Yes on 8" is running a fear campaign, perhaps "No on 8" should warn the public about the potential for the end of marriage for all in California. It could happen.

Chino Blanco said...

Thanks for the link to that FMH thread.

Yup, the Yes on 8 campaign seems to be applying the Bush Doctrine to the question of how to deal with imaginary threats to marriage; and like Bush & Co., they apparently think the Pottery Barn rule doesn't apply to them.

Reuven said...

Would you tell your kids that it's OK to take candy from an stranger?

Then why are California Evangelicals accepting this "help" from the Mormon "Church?"

This is an attempt for Mormons to gain a toehold in the CA Evangelical Community.

Don't be fooled! VOTE NO ON PROP 8 and make their plans for naught. We can address same-sex marriage later.

Velvet Blade said...

Hey Chino,

Excellent post, as always!

Wanted to let you know that 8 bloggers are having an 8 Against 8 campaign to raise funds to help stop Prop 8. The catch? They are raising these funds for 8 days only!


Chino Blanco said...


Mormonism already addressed the issue of Evangelical marriages 175 years ago. Mormons believe their marriages are better than yours (theirs last forever, yours expire when you do).

As a former Mormon missionary, I'd like to thank you and all of California's Evangelicals for allowing us Mormons to commandeer your Yes on 8 campaign. We expect the attention and recognition we've earned through our efforts on behalf of Prop 8 will be a great boon to our recruiting efforts. Once we've persuaded California voters to reject same-sex marriage, we'll be getting back to our real work, which has always been to convert Christians to our belief that God only recognizes Mormon unions.

Thanks again.

By the way, now that we've knocked on so many California doors and identified so many Yes on 8 voters, we've got a pretty good idea of which homes to send our missionaries to after Nov. 4th. These folks will be so appreciative of our efforts to pass Prop 8 that I'm sure we'll be able to persuade quite a few to allow us inside their homes to present our message.

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