Do Mormons Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law?

Don't look at me, I'm not the one asking the question.

That'd be Rick Jacobs over at The Huffington Post.

After you've read Rick's HuffPo post, please follow this link to the official No on 8 campaign website.

Here's to hoping that even more Mormons for Marriage material makes the leap to the No on 8 site. I trust it will and I'm gonna mark Oct. 20th on my calendar as the day the No on 8 campaign finally decided to recognize the serious challenge to marriage equality being mounted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

ביצים, you meshuggener, I'm no schnook.

On a separate note, why is it that the Evangelicals are handling all the parades, bus tours, rallies, etc. (i.e., all the flashy on-camera events), while we Mormons have been assigned to handle all the door-knocking?

While you ponder that question, I'd like to take this opportunity to mention how much we Mormons have appreciated the opportunity to work together with Evangelical Yes on 8 supporters.

I am nearly as grateful today for our tremendous cooperation in facing the present challenge as I am for my membership in a church that settled the issue of Evangelical marriage over 175 years ago.

Considering that my church made the determination then that only the Mormon church held the authority to unite men and women before God, I have been truly impressed by the Evangelicals who've demonstrated such tolerance towards us during this campaign.

In any case, after this election is over, and our coalition partners have settled back into their daily lives, we'll be going back to our work of converting Christians to Mormon beliefs, and we are counting on the attention and recognition we've earned through our efforts on behalf of Prop 8 to significantly boost our church's appeal to socially conservative Californians.

The reality is, contrary to popular belief, LDS church growth has flatlined in recent years, and we're anxious for any opportunity to counter the awful effect the Internet has had on our conversion rates. Jim Garlow and other Evangelical leaders may not fully appreciate it yet, but they threw us a real lifeline this time around.

So, now that we've knocked on so many California doors and identified so many Yes on 8 voters, we've got a pretty good idea about which homes to send our missionaries to after Nov. 4th. These folks will be so appreciative of our efforts to pass Prop 8 that I'm sure we'll be able to persuade quite a few to invite us inside so that we might share our message.

And if part of that message happens to include our belief that Mormon marriages are better than Evangelical marriages (our unions last forever, yours expire when you do), please know that we will always cherish the opportunity we were given this election year to unite with fellow Christians in the Prop 8 struggle.

Thanks again.

Save Christianity! Vote NO on Proposition 8


Reuven said...

Are you doubting the ordination of Reverend Joe Baytzim? He's my favorite minister

Reuven said...

I need to add that I'm dumfounded that the Evangelicals aren't skeptical of the Mormons. Jews have grown wary of "help" because of aggressive attempts by misleading Missionaries. The Church of LDS has playbooks (I have a copy here!) on how to convert Jews, especially Jews who aren't that knowledgeable.

I think your tongue-in-cheek analysis is dead on. And I think TV ads should say, directly, "WHY are you letting some out-of-state religious group to align itself with you on religious matters? What will they want from you next?"

Queers United said...

i love how you changed their sign

Reamworks said...

Photoshop source is here:

We're having signs printed to stand out and hold on election day. If you can't beat 'em, confuse 'em.

Abby Q. said...

haha I have never heard of L D Spammers but I'm not surprised if they exist. Love the post/blog though! You raise some great points on your blog.

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