My Favorite Mormons: Steve and Barbara Young

"We believe ALL families matter and we do not believe in discrimination,
therefore, our family will vote against Prop 8."
-- Barbara Young

Loved the gravestones, Barb.

And omens don't get much clearer than Steve's #8 getting retired last month, do they?

RIP inequality, Nov. 4

May discrimination
be a thing of the past,
May hate and fear
be gone at last
RIP prop 8!

Those who forget
the past
are condemned
to repeat it.
No to 8!!!

Thank you for doing the right thing and standing up for all families.

And this one's special because a few years from now
my daughter is gonna look a lot like Lily::

And Steve, thank you for the reminder that Family Comes First.



Reuven said...

What a great story! If Brigham Young's great-great-great grandson can say NO, so can other Mormons!

drtaxsacto said...

CB - A couple more NO people are listed on my blog. They include a prominent set of Adventists and Ward Connerly. Thanks for alerting me to the Steve Young position.

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