Latest Field Poll Delight: Support for Prop 8 is at 38%

SacBee: Field Poll finds gay marriage ban trails by 17 points

A constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in California has lost support during the past two months and now trails by a 17-point margin.

Just 38 percent of likely voters back Proposition 8 while 55 percent say they will vote against the Nov. 4 ballot measure, according to a new Field Poll. In July, the measure trailed by nine points.

I wonder if Jesus is as pleased with this new Field Poll as I am? To answer that question, let's ask a member of His church:

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I support same-sex marriages.

Even though I don't understand homosexuals, I support their rights as human beings. God created them, just as he did everyone else, but he endowed them with different feelings of attraction and intimacy.

All humans, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, deserve the same protection and rights under the law.

Married heterosexual couples are protected in issues of joint ownership, government or workplace benefits, and making life and death decisions for a spouse, and it is discriminatory to judge a person unworthy of these same rights simply because of who they are.

Being different should never be the core issue when determining if someone is worthy of being treated as an equal child of God. Jesus taught us to love one another, to bear one another's burdens, to visit the sick, the poor and the fatherless. Never has he charged us to reject anyone.

When we tell someone they are unworthy of the same human rights and protections we enjoy simply because they live and act differently than we do, I wonder if Jesus is pleased with how we are handling this issue.

Carlyle Potter
St. George, Utah
By Permission

Sounds to me like Jesus must be downright delighted today.

I know I am.


Autumn Sandeen has just published an important diary - check it out:

The Unexpected Message On Discrimination The Yes On 8 Campaign Sends To Jews, Mormons, And Other Non-Evangelicals

Apparently, the Yes on 8 campaign doesn't mind taking Mormon money, but they wouldn't hire a Mormon, even for a secretarial position. Autumn concludes with this observation:

Discrimination is discrimination — the Yes On 8 - Protect Marriage Campaign hiring a legal team that in its hiring policies discriminates against Jews and Mormons is as wrong-headed as hiring policies that discriminate against LGBT people.


What is it going to take to get California's Mormons to wake up and realize who they've teamed up with in this awful Yes on 8 coalition?


Whitney Friedman said...
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Anonymous said...

PS... I just added a new post, you might enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

I think Jesus might be rocking out. is very odd to realize that the ideological differences between democrats and republicans might be essentially faith based, and then to realize again that the republican party is the second main party in our democracy. A bit ironic that we're allowing the religious right to be the "right hand" of the American political system.

Maybe it's always been that way and I'm just waking up.

Hellmut said...

It's bizarre, isn't it, Whithney?

Thanks for all the good work, Blanco!

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